The Aryans Group is laid on the foundation built by strong infrastructure, sound financial base and empowering people at the grass root level. It is spread over a vast business sector and has been providing end-to-end quality services reliably.

Aryans Group is one of the prominent leaders in its businesses and ventures. It connects innovation, creativity, and employee participation and performance excellence to create world class services for its customers.

We have a total of three corporate offices and are in the process of constant expansion.

The group is spread in the areas of construction, automation services, education, skill development training and charitable work.

Promoted individually, Aryans Group enjoys patronage from individuals of repute with accomplished success in their respective spheres.

The individuality of the Aryans Group lies in its approach towards social development, educational importance and infrastructural development. We create end-to-end successful models for its skill development programs and placement strategies.


The Aryans Group is working successfully under the following subsidiaries:

*Aryans Global Infrastructure Limited

*Aryans Edutech Private Limited

*Aryans Charitable Society

*Aryans Institute of Technology